Professional sash window repairs

Repairing sash windows preserves the historical and aesthetic value of older buildings, maintaining their original charm and authenticity. It is often more cost-effective than replacement, allowing for incremental repairs that address only the damaged parts.

Repairing windows also reduces waste and supports sustainability by conserving the high-quality materials and craftsmanship of original windows. Repairing sash windows can also comply with local regulations in conservation areas and for listed buildings, where maintaining original features is essential.

Repairs are also less disruptive than full replacements and can be customised to improve energy efficiency with modern upgrades like draught-proofing and secondary glazing. By choosing to repair sash windows, you can enhance your property's character while enjoying economic and environmental benefits.

Before and after Images

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Before and after Images

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What we do

In many cases a permanent repair is possible instead of complete replacement. This is achieved using a resin product from repair care international which is much more durable and flexible than normal wood filler. Resin repairs are a very effective way of repairing windows and doors so that you do not need to replace the originals. Many councils and maintenance companies use it now to help prolong decoration life.

How we do it

All the rotten timber is cut out and the remaining timber will be treated to prevent the rot spreading. We will then use new timber to replicate the rotten timber that has been disposed of and this will be bonded to the existing timber using the resin. The repair will be left to cure and then sanded down and undecorated.

After Care:

Once the repair has been completed by Traditional Carpentry you will require a decorator to complete the job. Unfortunately this is not a service we provide but we are more than happy to point you in the right direction. Finding a competent decorator is not always that easy and is a very important part of keeping your sash windows not only looking good but also in good condition for years to come.

Permanent Repair:

The permanent repair of decayed or damaged timber has many advantages for the environment and also significantly reduces costs. The durability of Repair Care is in the quality of the products. We are so confident in our products; we guarantee them for 6 years. Whether you need a complete replacement, a permanent repair or are just after some professional advice please contact us for an honest assessment.

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