Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ

We have tried to answer as many of the frequently asked questions as we can below. Obviously no two jobs are the same and we have generalised the questions to be able to answer them. Please for any information or questions with regards to your windows, we will always help out where we can.


What is the process if I want to arrange a survey or get a quotation?
How long will as survey usually take?
How much will it cost to repair my windows?
How much will it cost to replace my windows?
What is the lead time once I am booked in?
How much will it cost to replace my windows?
How long will the work take?
How does your draught proofing system work to improve my windows?
Why type of wood do you use?
What areas do you cover?
I have problems with condensation, can you help?
Will I need scaffolding?
I live in a listed building/conservation area, can you work on my windows?
Is it possible to install double glazed units into my original sash windows?
Do you offer decoration service for my windows?