At traditional sash windows and carpentry, we pride ourselves on providing exceptional products and services, backed by comprehensive guarantees. Our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction is reflected in the following guarantees, ensuring peace of mind and reliability for all our customers.

Manufacturer's Guarantee

Image of a 6 year guarantee medal

Timber frames

Guaranteed against any failure in joints, distortion and rot when adequately maintained in-line with manufacturer’s guarantee.

Image of a 5 year guarantee medal


Guaranteed against the failure of hermetic seals (i.e. misting between panes).

Image of a 5 year guarantee medal

Door panels

Guaranteed against any failure in joints, distortion and surface finish when adequately maintained in-line with manufacturer’s guarantee.

Image of a 1 year guarantee medal


Guaranteed against any failure in Locking mechanisms, hinges and all metallic moving parts when adequately maintained in-line with manufacturer’s guarantee.

Image of a 3 year guarantee medal

Paint finish

The paint finish is also covered by this providing reasonable care has been applied to the surfaces. i.e. the windows have regularly been cleaned with soapy water and non-abrasives.

Workmanship Guarantee

Image of a 6 year guarantee medal

Building regulations

Guaranteed against physical faults or errors in the installation which have been caused by defective workmanship.

Image of a 2 year guarantee medal

Workmanship Guarantee

Where the works are registered with a Competent Person Scheme; this guarantee covers a breach of the Building Regulations in force at the time of the completion of the works.

Aftercare of your windows

Your finished timber product requires an ongoing maintenance program to be carried out.  As a minimum, you must clean your product with warm water and mild detergent every 6 months, this may need to be more frequent in areas of excessive algae & mould growth. (Never use abrasive materials to do this!)

If the paint film is damaged it must be repaired immediately with the same finishing system as originally supplied by Traditional Carpentry LTD.

After 5 years you will need to recoat your timber product(s).  

The durability and life expectancy of the coating system is dependent on the locality and environment into which the product is installed.  In areas of high corrosive atmospheric conditions (i.e. Coastal or industrial areas life expectancy of the paint system may be reduced).  Products that are installed in these types of locations may not be guaranteed for the full 6 years.  We would recommend that windows fitted in these areas are re-coated with microporous paint after 3 years.

All work in relation to, and including, this guarantee is provided in good faith. However, if it is discovered that the product has been tampered with, misused or negligently damaged by the customer, the guarantee shall not cover losses arising out of such instances. 

Under our terms and conditions all goods remain the property of Traditional Carpentry LTD until paid for in full. All guarantees only become effective once cleared funds are in our account.


1.    Guarantee periods effective start date is shown on this guarantee as the commencement date.

2.    Written permission is not required to assign Building Regulation guarantee activities to a third party which is freely transferable. All other aspects of this guarantee are transferable to new owners of the goods for an admin cost of £75.00+ VAT. 

3.    In the event of a dispute relating to the terms of this guarantee the Certass Certification nominated Alternate Dispute Resolution (ADR) provider shall be used to mediate any disputes.

4.    Any failure of materials due to faulty workmanship under the term of this guarantee will be repaired or replaced at the supplier/installation company’s sole discretion.

5.    Manufacturer Guarantees last for the durations Traditional Sash Windows and Carpentry have given above or the manufacturer's guarantee period, whichever is lesser.


1.    No guarantee is given as to the elimination of condensation.

2.    Cosmetic deterioration to handles, letter plates and door handles etc. due to general wear and tear are not covered by this guarantee.

3.    All guarantees are given in good faith. However, if it is deemed after a visit from a company representative that our product has been misused, tampered or damaged in any way etc, we will render the guarantee null and void, leaving any remedial work to be carried out at a pre-arranged fee, which shall be payable before any work commences.

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