Sash window and door

The prices below are a guide only. Our final price is usually very close to the prices below, so you can use it to get a good idea of the cost to refurb or replace your sash windows.

Overhaul and draught proofing

Resin repairs

Replacement sash windows

Replacement glazing in existing sashes

Additional Information

There are a few factors to take into consideration when comparing prices for sash windows and doors. Not all companies will supply you with like for like quotes so it is worth double checking to make sure you are comparing ‘apples with apples’.

While the size of the window has a small bearing on the price the main factor for pricing sash widows is the style of the window, (e.g. 1 over 1, 6 over 6, arched tops etc).
Then you have the material used to make the windows, our standard prices are for hardwood but we are happy to price for any type of timber (softwood, oak, Accoya etc).

Next is the type of glazing you want for your windows, there are many options for this, our standard price is for clear glass and all sashes will be fitted with toughened glass. On the site survey we may find that you require more sashes to be fitted with toughened glass to comply with building regs, so this will alter the final price.

There are also multiple options if you want frosted or patterned glass that will alter the final price. When it comes to decoration we supply all our new windows fully decorated unless specified. We have a state of the art spray system and use Teknos microporous paint. Our standard price is for white inside and out but Teknos microporous paint is available in over 200 colours for you to choose from if you are looking for something different.

Our standard prices include (per window) 1 x key locking fitch fastener, 2 x sash pulls and 2 x sash lifts in polished brass, antique brass, stain chrome or polished chrome. There are other finishes and styles available, some of these would incur a surcharge but most would be covered by our standard price.  

Most importantly is to make sure the fitting service offered is not only what you are looking for but that all your quotes include the same level of service. Our standard prices always include (unless stated) all rubbish removal from site, We use dust sheets and any protective equipment needed to make sure we minimise any risk of damage to the property.

When fitting complete new windows all the making good inside & out is also included (unless stated) new window board, architrave and pointing/sealing up the outside is all standard.

The one thing we don’t offer is onsite decoration services so if we overhaul & draught proof the existing box sash window then you will need to get these decorated afterwards. Likewise if you have new sashes fitted into existing frames, the new sashes will come fully decorated but the existing frame will need to be decorated once we have finished.

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